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Grand Prix Adventures. Redesign of a website for GPA to promote their Formula One Hospitality Trip business.


Regent Comms. A midlands based electrical contractor needed a new website to portray in a professional way the skills and experience.


Unique Content is King To compliment a great looking website or blog you need engaging and unique content. Having professionally written pages on your site is a great way to endorse your business, develop a brand, as well as increasing traffic to your website through more search engine exposure and increased rankings.


What is content?

In the context of content writing, content is generally used to describe the text contained within a web page. Depending on your website that can include product descriptions; “about you” sections; details of the services you provide; articles on specific subjects; a recipe or a review. It covers pretty much anything written and published online.

Why do I need it?

Even for non-commercial websites well written content is important. If you publish something online the lowest return you would hope to gain would be that someone read it. For commercial businesses the hope would be that someone would read your well written and structured content and be moved to make a purchase or at least enquire further about the products or services you provide. In both cases the first step is making your content visible to your target audience. That means getting them to visit your site.

There are generally 3 ways you can achieve this.

1. Offline Advertising: This could be printed material like flyers, radio adverts or prime time TV campaigns. Recent examples we are all familiar with include,, we could all type their web address straight into our browsers and find them right now if we wanted. If your budget allows (six figure sums for TV) it can be effective. It has shortcomings too. Limited time. Usually happens at a time you are not ready i.e. I am not going to log in to my laptop when the ad comes on TV and miss the rest of my program. A flyer handed to me in the street might be filed in the bin if I bother to take it home.
2. Online Advertising: This may involve banner ads on other sites or Google AdWords. You may find it beneficial to advertise your services on a feeder or complimentary site. AdWords works by paying for a key word. For example, you sell widgets. You make a bid for the word widgets as it appears in search queries on Google. If you out bid your competitors you will appear higher up in results if your content is good.
3. Content Marketing: Obviously as I am writing this to convince you of the merits of great content writing I am going to recommend this as the best method! Why? Content offers the best value for money. Its effects are permanent and sustainable. Results are exponential, and included within an overall marketing strategy, unbeatable in terms of results. It also adds value to your website; looks and sounds professional and will help with growing your visitor numbers. It is not a quick fix; it takes planned time and considerable effort and a degree of skill.
Well written and readable content

Having well written, readable, current and informative content on your website is a major influencing factor on how search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rank your website and where you appear in their search engine results page (SERP). It works hand in hand with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and your overall marketing strategy.

How do search engines work?

The goal of the search engine is to display the most appropriate websites which best match the search request a person types in as a query. Google like to keep their customers happy. They have teams of very bright people who work on and develop complex algorithms to make sure they return the best matched information. They consider a number of factors. Primarily they look for word and phrase matches.

Try typing a random word into Google like “widget”. I just did. It informs me it has found 313 million results in 0.24 seconds! Like I said very clever people with very powerful computers! They pride themselves on being able to see the wood from the trees! So why are some results on the front page and others relegated further down the list?

How does content affect your page rank?

The position at which a website appears within these listed results is referred to as its Page Rank. In days gone by it was possible to trick the search engines with some dodgy underhand methods, but as methods and algorithms have advanced, all shortcuts have been removed.

The only way to increase your page ranking organically and sustainably is to provide the search engine with readable, relevant and regular content it can find and appropriately index. It is no longer enough to have key words or phrases repeated within text.

Increasing your page rank

Search engine results will give extra value or ranking to content that is accessed and read regularly, referred to as click through rate (CTR). That is calculated as an example here: If your website appears in the results for a query 100 times and 10 of those times someone clicks through to visit your website, your click through rate would be 10/100 or 10%.

Extra bonus points are given to content that is shared socially, referenced or linked back to from other websites. People tend to share and link back to well structured, relevant and recently updated content more often. If you get your content right, people will actively promote it for you, for free!

Anyone can write content; it’s just words at the end of the day?

That is true. I would add this small caveat though I would advise you to right your own content as much as I would advise you to re-wire you’re own house without any professional help maybe Yule pull it off.

It’s easier to spot grammatical errors, bad or inconsistent punctuation and spelling mistakes than it is to write perfect, proofed copy. Another important aspect of good, high ranking content is originality.

Professional Content Writing

Writing valuable content is a skill. We can provide a professional and affordable content writing service to help you get the greatest benefit from your website and online presence. We can provide general natural content which will be readable, original and proofed.

Search Engine Optimisation

We will fully research and write copy to suit your specific needs. The content we write will have structure and be written for Search Engine Optimisation purposes. We can provide an example of our work paid for at full price.

"We have been working with Fergus for a number of years on two websites dedicated to academic research. He is helpful, quick to respond and deliver and skilled at helping make our research accessible to a wide variety of audiences through design that is both eye-catching and user-friendly".

Marie Cox
Edinburgh University

"Gusmedia was able to take an unusual, media-heavy project and deliver a website that perfectly met this client's expectations in both its visual appeal and functionality."

"Gusmedia's redesign of the website immediately drew considerably higher traffic to the domain than during its preceding incarnation, and has continued to do so."

"Fergus Wilkie has handled challenging briefs for enhancements to the site, and has quickly provided working solutions at every step. His creative, forward-looking and pragmatic approach has notably enabled my website to stand out from those of my peers."

Dominic Di-Natale
Middle East & South Asia Correspondent Fox News Channel, Ex BBC Journalist