Some News Stories About The Internet And Beyond

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A Successful Website Starts its Life as an Idea

A simple thing like choosing the right domain name can have a massive impact on its future success. Many people don’t get a web designer involved until after these decisions and payments have been made.

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Freelancer`s Ten Commandments

To be a successful freelancer in the field of website design can involve many aspects that need to be followed. These ideas are not unique to freelance web design, but I thought it would be good to list them here and hopefully help other freelance web designers focus on their skill set.

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Disabilty Act 1995

The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) provides protection for disabled people against discrimination by service providers. A service can be a website on the internet, which means they have to adhere to this law, and therefore websites must be made accessible to all users. Many organisations are simply ignoring the accessiblity issue, claiming that there is no need as diabled people dont even access the site. Though some forward thinking and considerate organisations are making the neccesary changes to make their sites accessible for all.

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Recent Projects

  • Grand Prix Adventures. A redesign of a previous website that was developed for GPA by a different company, they needed the site modernising and more professional looking.


  • Regent Comms. A midlands based electrical contractor needed a new website to portray in a professional way the skills and experience they have to offer their clients. The original site that I developed for them was done about 8 years ago when they were focusing more on the telecom industry.


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