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web design frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers that maybe of use to you. Click the + sign to reveal each answer. The most popular question is already open for you to see, click the - sign to close.

How much do you charge to design and develop a website?

Web Design cost is a very popular question and can be the most difficult to answer. It all depends on what you want from the site e.g. simple brochure site, content management system, eccomerce, search engine optimisation, functionality, design, content writing, images, hosting, size of website, security, etc. all these aspects and more need to be considered when pricing a website.

Can you send a quote if I send you some details on what I want?

I would love to send you a quote when I know more of the specifics. A ball park figure would be to start at about £750 and work your way upwards, price can be negotiable depending on what you want. Every website is unique and the time involved in developing such websites can vary from project to project.

I found a web designer from abroad who charges much less, can you match them?

I doubt it. Design isn’t a commodity. Clients choose designers as much as a designer can choose who they work for. A client should respect and value a designer`s skills and experience and expect a price level to match. Quality has many levels, the better the designer, the more they may charge. It can all be about Return On Investment and the better the website, the better that return will be.

Can you write the content for the website for us?

I will take the time to understand the client`s business and will recommend and amend any content supplied e.g. spelling mistake, search engine friendly suggestions. I can however offer a content writing service, more on this can be read here.

Do you provide website hosting as part of the deal?

The simple answer is yes, for the first year I can host the site for you, though i have no problem if you already have a hosting provider. I provide full hosting facilities that can be accessed from your own control panel and I am on hand to give advice if you have any questions. My servers are UK based and are situated in Award Winning High Security Data Centres. For more information.

Do you register Domain Names, for example ,com,

I can do this as part of the hosting package and advise you on which domain name would be best suited for your business and situation. The choosing of the correct domain name is sometimes overlooked, it should be well thought out and carefully considered.

Can you set up a number of email accounts??

The answer is yes, emails are important for a business and that too can be set up with the hosting account. POP3 and IMAP email and webmail accounts can be activated, as many as you require, with a large storage capacity, that can be expanded on for a small annual fee.

Can we start with a small website and then expand on it when the business grows?

Sometimes when you are starting up you don`t have the budget to purchase an all singing and dancing website. The site that I will design and develop will be easily expandable, ready for when the time is right and the money available. With regards to google it is always prudent to have something, no matter how small online first and then expand.

What sort of payment do you accept?

With most projects I ask for a deposit of 50% before any work is done and then the remaining 50% is paid on completion and before files are released, submitted and uploaded. For very small projects or amendments I may ask for full payment up front in advance. Payments can be made in the form a bank transfer, cheque, paypal or of course cash.

Do I really need to hire a professional web designer, can I not do it myself?

There is a lot of fancy software and hosting providers e.g. 1and1, who state you can do it yourself. Though would you defend yourself in court, there must be books out there that can help you. I would advise against it. The same is true for a website, the DIY versions I have seen, have been poorly designed and executed and are usually not google friendly and that is not mentioning the time involved to develop the site. You want your site to be noticed by google and the customer and that is where I come in and the Return on Investment (ROI) is greater. The old adage "You get what you pay for" comes to mind

Recent Projects

  • Grand Prix Adventures. A redesign of a previous website that was developed for GPA by a different company, they needed the site modernising and more professional looking.


  • Regent Comms. A midlands based electrical contractor needed a new website to portray in a professional way the skills and experience they have to offer their clients. The original site that I developed for them was done about 8 years ago when they were focusing more on the telecom industry.


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