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A small company set up in 2010 needed a web presence and after contacting a few agencies and not being happy with what was said, finally came to me and we discussed what was needed and came to an agreement and the site was designed and built to their total satisfaction.

Project Involved:

Design, XHTML, CSS, Jquery, Javascript, PHP, SEO, Stock Photo Research.


"It's extremely hard to find a web designer who is creative and also technically competent, but Gusmedia tick all the boxes. I met with various large companies offering services at inflated prices, but could not get to speak to the people who where actually going to build the site, just the sales team.

Gusmedia offer an excellent service, building creative sites that actually perform at very reasonable prices, with the reassurance that your are actually discussing your site, with the person who is building it!"



Warwickshire, November 2011

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